The Wartburg Kirchdorf Hostel lies approximately 32 Km from Pietermaritzburg and is within walking distance of the Wartburg Kirchdorf School. The hostel was built in 1948. It is co-owned and administered by the two Lutheran Churches in Wartburg. In the early days, the Hostel housed the children of the local German Farmers. Today it is still a co-educational, Christian based, home-from-home boarding facility catering for boys and girls from Grades 6 to 12.

Hostel facilities and staff

There are permanent and part-time Staff that work on a rotation basis to ensure the smooth functioning of the Hostel and all associated activities. 
Office hours:
Monday to Friday are 07h00 – 21h00.
Saturdays are 08h00 – 21h00
Sunday mornings are 07h30 – 12h00
Sunday afternoons are 15h00 – 20h30

Dormitories are equipped with beds, desks and lock-up cupboards. The learners supply the required linen. Only senior girls have private dorms. Dorm facilities for girls and boys are separate.

Balanced meals are served in the dinning room and are supervised by the staff. Separate girls and boys public telephone booths are available for incoming and outgoing calls.
033 503-1220

033 503-1903 / 033 503-1904

A list of rules and regulations is available on request or for download on this website.

Academics, Prep and Homework
The Management Teams of both the Hostel and the School interact closely, ensuring the academic and personal growth of every learner. A disciplined approach to homework and studying is taken. Routine, supervised, daily prep sessions take place.

Religious Support and General Behaviour
Attention is paid to the well-being and spiritual growth of the children. Self-respect, respect and care for others as well as the family are fostered. All children are expected to attend the church of their choice each Sunday and a number of different denominations are represented.

Safety and Security
All boarders are expected to sign out and in at the Hostel when leaving or returning, with the exception of attending school on normal school days.

Regular head counts are taken during the day to ensure all boarders are accounted for.

All medical matters are controlled by a Staff member on 24-hour emergency standby. A sick bay is in operation just after mealtimes for sick report and daily medication. Boarders requiring medical attention may visit the doctors’ rooms just opposite the Hostel after consultation with the sick bay attendant. In cases of emergency, boarders will be transported to a clinic in Pietermaritzburg.

Parents are responsible for all their own transport arrangements. Finalization of weekend arrangements MUST be completed and communicated to the office before prep on Thursday evenings (18h50).

Recreational Facilities
Our modernized Hostel facility includes a Recreation Centre with basketball, table tennis and pool table. There is also a swimming pool and a spacious sports field for rugby, hockey, soccer and athletics practice.
A jungle gym caters for the junior members of the Hostel.

The well-appointed TV lounge allows for DVD and television viewing on weekends.